May 112016

As a herbalist, I am passionate about protecting and nurturing plants, many of which have medicinal properties. Bees are essential to this, and I have been an avid supporter of the drive to ban bee-harming pesticides by the likes of Friends of the Earth. Bee on echinacea

This has resulted in the EU ‘restricting’ the use of three neonicotinoid insecticides because of the risk to the bees. Courtesy of Friends of the Earth, I’m delighted to spread the word that, despite the National Farmers Union predicting that the ban would cause major problems for growing oilseed rape, last year’s figures reveal that rapeseed yields were actually higher than in 2014.

This totally supports the call for a permanent ban on these pesticides. Which is why it’s important that everyone who cares about and appreciates the value of bees, buzzes their local MP to support a total ban on bee-harming pesticides. It’s really easy to do: just go to Pleeezzz……

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