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The latest news that definitive new research shows that the risk of developing breast cancer from taking HRT is double what women have previously been told, is heartbreaking and terrifying. For all those who have already died, their family and friends, and for those who have and/or are still, taking HRT. For this latest piece of research also reveals that the risks not only increase the longer you take HRT, but also continue long after you stop taking it.

Meanwhile, organisations such as the British Menopause Society, the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, Breast Cancer Care and Breast Cancer Now appear to be doing their best to downplay the statistics, insisting that “for most women” HRT is helpful and safe, and that this latest research helps women make informed decisions regarding HRT….

I’d like to reiterate my personal view:

  1. Women going through menopause between the ages of 45 and 55, don’t actually need HRT. Our bodies drastically reduce oestrogen production at this time, because we don’t need so much of it any more. Therefore it doesn’t need replacing. This latest research confirms the findings of lots of previous research: that replacing natural hormones that our bodies no longer naturally produce, with synthetic versions, can be harmful. Logically and rationally, that has always made sense to me.
  2. There are natural ‘alternatives’ to helping you through the sometimes difficult menopausal transition. There are many medicinal plants, used by Medical Herbalists such as myself, that can help support the body and re-establish balance so that it gradually adjusts to the next phase of life with minimal trauma. And there are specific plants that can help relieve specific symptoms of the menopause – without causing harm! These are usually most effective when used in combination with other medicinal plants, and are best selected by a qualified medical herbalist for optimal results.
  3. Diet and lifestyle can make a huge difference to a woman’s transition through menopause.
  4. For further info and help, please visit my website, and/or my sister website,


I have many glowing testimonies from women who have worked with me, and used herbal medicine, to help them through the menopausal transition. I published one last week, as part of my blog response to the HRT shortage ‘crisis’ that was all over the media. Here are a couple more:

“It is amazing how different I feel, my husband keeps commenting how much calmer and nicer I am, more like my old self. I actually feel different, calmer more focussed, happier etc. The hot flushes are getting fewer and fewer, I don’t have any in the evening and just a few overnight. Plus it’s incredibly hot in our house at the moment and I am sleeping!!. I think what you have done is amazing, thank you.”  GS

“I sought Deanne out when I’d had one too many sleepless nights. I’ve always preferred the natural route, so in the early hours of one morning, instead of lying there staring at the ceiling, I googled ‘natural help for menopause’ and up popped Deanne. Thank God! Since I’m in Sussex and she’s in Cornwall, we worked together remotely. Deanne was very thorough in taking my history and asking many questions for clarification and to build a picture of me. Within days I had my first bottle of herbal meds. Deanne was very attentive and always responded to questions or concerns arising, quickly! She made one or two adjustments to the formulation and, honestly, my life has changed! Within a month or two my sleep was greatly improved and hot flashes reduced to very occasional. I am so grateful. There’s little worse than continuous disturbed sleep over the long term. My experience of Deanne is that she’s knowledgeable, professional and efficient – but most importantly, she solved my problem.” VP

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