May 042017

Three-cornered leeks are delicious in salads and cooking.Wild foraging

I do loads of foraging for medicinal plants to make herbal remedies, but also to add to salads and use in cooking. Yesterday, I’d run out of garlic, so dug up some Three-cornered Leeks, which are all over The Lizard (southernmost point of England) at the moment, used the bulbs in my cooking and the lovely white flowers to decorate (and munch on because they’re as tasty as they are pretty). Another favourite to add a lemony zest to salads is sorrel – the young leaves are particularly succulent in the Spring.

Urban foraging

You don’t have to live in a rural area to forage, though. This week, there was a wonderful photo feature in the online Guardian about foraging courses being run in different parts of the country, including urban areas such as London! It turns out one of the joint course leaders, Alex Laird, is a medical herbalist I did work experience with at The Haven Breast Cancer Care centre, when I was a student. She is an amazing teacher and guide. So if you fancy doing a bit of foraging, I’d encourage you to check out this Guardian feature here and/or visit the Foraging Courses website here .

Sep 212014

the October issue of Cornwall Today magazine has a feature on Medical Herbalist Deanne Greenwood, who sees patients in Falmouth, Helston, Penzance and on the Lizard in Cornwall, and conducts Skype consultations across the UK.Very excited to have a feature about me, and herbal medicine, in the October issue of Cornwall Today.

In it, I talk about the beauty and the magic of Cornwall itself, and the power of healing environments in our journeys towards good health. But you don’t have to live in Cornwall to harness this power. You can find, or create, your own healing place wherever you live. A healing place is quite simply somewhere you can relax and de-stress, clear your mind and nurture your soul, which will in turn support, and help rebalance and regenerate, your physical body.  It could be a hilltop, an area of woodland, a spot by the river; an art gallery or a meditation centre; a room with a window box filled with flowers, or one transformed by flickering candlelight and the aroma of your favourite essential oil. It’s a place where you are at one with yourself, and your surroundings, and feel soothed and uplifted.