Healing Herbal Retreat with Deanne Greenwood Medical Herbalist in Cornwall

Staying at a holistic health retreat is the ideal opportunity to focus completely on yourself and your healing journey, with no home/work/daily life distractions. It’s a chance to relax, rest, rejuvenate – and begin the healing process. I will help you discover why you have become ill (always multi-factorial), and how you can support and enable your body to heal itself – which it has the innate ability to do. The focus will be on medicinal plants to help you heal, and diet and lifestyle techniques to help relieve stress and anxiety, and promote healing.

I have worked with people with all sorts of health problems, including autoimmune disorders and ‘terminal’ illness (there is always something that can be done to improve quality of life), and have a special interest in women’s hormonal issues, such as PMS and the menopause. Sometimes someone has been diagnosed with a specific illness; sometimes it is less defined, including symptoms such as lethargy, low mood, ‘brain fog’, digestive problems, skin reactions, weight gain and many more.

My cottage, Little Trembraze, is tucked away on the Lizard Peninsula near the southernmost tip of Cornwall. It is both tranquil and quite magical. The surrounding land – including the huge array of medicinal plants that grow on it – and the mighty ocean – sometimes so calm and still, sometimes wild and raging – exude their own healing energy.

Let me tell you a little more about Little Trembraze, my healing retreat, and the work we will be doing together, should you come to stay

The Retreat is a 3-night stay (although you can stay longer if you wish). Across 2 days, I will spend 4 hours with you, although I am around to check in with throughout your stay. The one-to-one time will be structured according to individual needs, as herbal medicine, like all holistic practices, is centred on the individual. We are all different, we all get ill for different reasons, and heal in different ways, regardless of conventional disease ‘diagnosis’.

As well as an in-depth consultation, during which I start to build up a picture of you and the background to your health problem, we will be discussing dietary and lifestyle factors that play a part. That are, indeed, the bedrock of good health.

I will be explaining the healing power of medicinal plants, and how to choose and use them yourself. I will make up a small bottle of herbal medicine – a combination of herbs that work in synergy with each other, and also in synergy with you, personally – to take away with you. This will be a concentrated liquid extract.

I will also be teaching you how to connect with nature, and the universe – to ‘plug in’ to this incredible natural power and energy that is all around us, all of the time – and be able to do this wherever you may be.

Mind, body and spirit are intrinsically linked, and have a knock-on effect on all aspects of one’s self.

During the rest of your stay, I will be encouraging you to explore this sublimely beautiful area where I live, sharing the spots where I find the deepest ‘earth’ power and energy, but also helping you to find your own special places. I will teach you how to ‘lock in’, so that you can visit these places even when you are physically far away. (This is not simply a metaphysical concept, by the way, but one that has some scientific evidence to support it.)

When you leave Little Trembraze, you will have a deeper sense of knowing your own body, and the tools to provide it with the support it needs to heal itself, naturally, and/or achieve optimum quality of life.

I run my retreats for one or two people at a time. Little Trembraze accommodates two people (kingsize bed or two singles, in the same room). The cottage is completely self-contained (see below for details). I live, with my husband, a few minutes’ walk away, in the old Mill House on the other side of the woodland.

If two people are visiting, it is not essential that both participate in the programme. It may be that you wish to work on your health issues, but would like a friend, partner, spouse or relative to accompany you. If both are participating, I will need 7 hours, as much of the work is one-to-one. This means I will need an additional 90 minutes with one of you on the day you arrive, then we will do five-and-a-half hours across the following 2 days. This leaves you both with plenty of time to enjoy your stay, explore and connect with the land and sea around you.

Dependent on weather, we may work outside on the patio, or inside the cottage (possibly gathered round the log fire!)

Cost (for 3 nights)

1 or 2 guests, but only one guest working with me:
June-Sept inc: £420.
October and May: £390
Nov-March inc: £375

2 guests, both participating:
June-Sept inc: £545.
October and May: £515
Nov-March inc: £500

Please note, if you wish to continue working with me following the retreat, we can arrange Skype consultations and I can post herbal medicine to you, but this is not included in the cost of the Herbal Healing Retreat package.

If you would like to extend your stay at Little Trembraze, prices are as follows:
June-Sept inc: £90/night
October & May: £80/night
Nov-March inc: £75/night

PIease contact me to arrange dates:
Email: deannegreenwood@me.com
Telephone: 01326 281319

The Cottage

Little Trembraze is set in a secluded woodland glade overlooking a valley. It was built in 1840 as a mill workers’ cottage.
You’re likely to see all manner of wildlife from the cottage, including rabbit, fox, badger, stoat and maybe even deer, although they tend to tuck themselves away deeper in the woods.
There are many different varieties of birds to be seen and heard, too, including barn and tawny owl, woodpecker, jay, pheasant and song thrush (one of my favourites for its beautiful, melodic, uplifting voice!)
Our own land and beyond is a rich source of medicinal plants, which of course I take full advantage of. I also grow some myself.

The cottage has a vaulted ceiling, open-plan living space, with a comfy sofa by the log burner, and a kitchen area at the other end, with dining table and chairs. The kitchen has an oven, hob, microwave and fridge/freezer. There is a TV/DVD player.
The double bedroom has an en suite shower room. I use 100% pure linen bedding as it is a natural, breathable fabric that washes well. It’s ‘relaxed’ linen, which means it’s very soft, and doesn’t crease as much as standard linen. I also chose it as I don’t iron, which is energy-saving for me and the environment!

There is a door leading from the bedroom, which opens onto an old slate patio, with a lovely granite seat (there’s a story there!), barbeque, table and chairs.
The cottage has air source heating, which is incredibly efficient, eco-friendly and unobtrusive.
Little Trembraze has its own parking area.

Please be aware…
There are low ceiling beams in the bedroom and bathroom (at 5’5” I’m fine, but my husband, at 6’3”, is not!). Also, the staircase is quite narrow (7 steps), which may be a problem for larger persons, or those with physical disabilities. Please contact me to discuss.

There isn’t any wifi or internet at Little Trembraze. There is scanty mobile reception if you are prepared to wander around the woods and fields surrounding the cottage!

Little Trembraze is not suitable for children or pets due to safety issues and our own livestock.


This part of the Lizard peninsula is criss-crossed with public footpaths and bridleways that go on for miles, and it’s easy to plan circular routes. We are about a mile from the sea, and there are many places close by where you can join the SW Coast Path.

Local beauty spots

The stunning Helford River, and Frenchman’s Creek, full of yachts, sailing boats, Cornish fishers and cove boats, is just a few miles from Little Trembraze. Bordering this are many beautiful walks through National Trust land, including the historic Tremayne Quay. A few miles in the other direction you’ll find the tiny valley of Poltesco, with the remains of the ancient serpentine stone works in the cove. (A truly magical spot, more of which later!) Lizard Point, the UK’s most southerly point and home to the rare Cornish chough (red-legged bird), is another few miles on.

Food info and eating out

Full facilities for cooking and eating in the cottage are provided. It’s wise to pick up some food on the way down, as the nearest town, Helston, is 10 miles away. Our local village shop in St Keverne is quite well stocked with the basics.

There are some good places to eat out locally. My own and my husband’s favourite, by a very long way, is actually in our tiny village. It’s called The Greenhouse, is run by a husband-and-wife team who do all the food buying, cooking and serving themselves. They only use fresh local produce, and cater for vegetarians and vegans. Leonie is a fabulous, very creative cook who places an emphasis on exquisite flavours that reach taste buds you may not even be aware you had! Booking is pretty essential.

Fat Apples cafe, in nearby Porthallow and close to the beach, is a delightful wholefood cafe with vegan options, and outside seating.

Gear Farm, in St Martin, 4 miles away, sells lots of lush local produce, including game in season.

You will find more information about other pubs and venues in the cottage.

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